Karcher K4 Premium Full Control Car & Driveway Refurbished Pressure Washer Bundle

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Karcher K4 Premium Full Control Car & Driveway Refurbished Pressure Washer Bundle
Whats in the box

  • Karcher K4 Premium Full Control Refurbished Pressure Washer

  • Wash Brush

  • Foam Nozzle (0.3 Litre)

  • Car Shampoo (500ml)

  • Patio & Deck Cleaner (500ml)

  • 6 Metre High Pressure Hose

  • Full Control Handgun with LED Display

  • Full Control Vario Lance & Dirtblaster Lance with Symbol Settings

  • Plug & Clean Detergent Bottle (1 Litre)

  • Soft Net Bag for Cable Storage

  • Garden Hose Adaptor & Inlet Filter

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Karcher K4 Premium Full Control Car & Driveway Refurbished Pressure Washer Bundle
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Karcher K4 Premium Full Control Car & Driveway Refurbished Pressure Washer Bundle

Karcher's brand new Full Control range of pressure washers help you find the perfect cleaning solution for all your outdoor cleaning needs. The Full Control range guides you through the different pressure settings: from detergent mix up through to maximum pressure. This helps you rediscover your home by enabling you to achieve the best possible clean for your home: old becomes new, shabby becomes chic. Whether gentle treatment or powerful cleaning, Karcher's Full Control range offers the right solution.

Combining power & efficiency, the Karcher K4 Premium Full Control is a durable mid-range machine, ideal for a medium sized domestic environments while its upright design, sturdy wheels & telescopic handle make the unit extremely user friendly & ensure excellent mobility.

This machine comes complete with the new full control handgun with LED display, vario & dirtblaster lances. Simply choose the correct spray lance, based on the surface you wish to clean, using the surface symbols on the spray lances as guides. Once you have chosen your lance simply connect it to the handgun and you're ready to clean. When using the vario lance you can simply twist the lance to alter the pressure output to find the correct setting, guided by the LED display on the trigger gun.

The K4 Premium Full Control also features an on-board hose reel with an integrated hose guide, providing a convenient storage solution for the hose as well as quick & easy retraction after use.

The K4 Premium Full Control Car & Driveway package also comes complete with the car & driveway cleaning kit, the ideal accessory kit for cleaning your vehicle as well as removing any stubborn stains from driveways & patios. The kit contains a wash brush, with soft bristles & an ergonomically shaped handle, designed for cleaning car bodywork & windows as well as a 0.3l foam nozzle, allowing users to apply chemical as a powerful foam for optimal coverage & cleaning of the vehicle. In addition a dirtblaster lance is also featured, providing high pressure rotating water output for cleaning stubborn dirt from patios & driveways. 500ml of both the Karcher car shampoo & Karcher patio & deck cleaner complete this comprehensive kit, specially formulated for use with Karcher pressure washers. The car shampoo chemical easily removes dirt, oil & mud from bodywork & provides powerful yet gentle cleaning while the patio & deck cleaning chemical reliably removes soiling such as moss, algae, mud & dirt from patios, decks, walls & driveways.

Features & Benefits

  • Full Control Handgun & Lances - 3 pressure levels & a detergent setting ensure an optimal pressure setting for every surface. Pressure can be regulated by twisting the vario lance until the desired pressure setting is shown on the handguns LED diplay. The vario & dirtblaster lances feature surface symbols to show you which surfaces it's suitable for.
  • Parking Position & On-Board Storage - The full control handgun & the connected spray lance can be stored on the pressure washer during breaks in cleaning, whislt remaining easily accessible. After finishing use the handgun & lances can be stored on board the machine to save space & to ensure they are easily located when you next use the machine.
  • Plug & Clean Detergent System - Quick & easy application of detergent through the pressure washer when your vario lance is set to detergent application mode. The detergent can be replaced effortlessly & Karcher's range of detergents help prevent dirt from returning as well as protecting & caring for your surface.
  • Telescopic Handle - The compeletly retractable transport handle offers a compact storage solution whilst maintaining the machines excellent mobility. The handle is made from high quality aluminium & extends to a convenient pulling height. 
  • Stability & Low Centre of Gravity - the K4 Premium Full Control features a stability foot (which doubles as a second carrying handle) whilst the hose guidance through the body of the machine ensures the risk of tipping / tilting the machine is greatly reduced. Storage of the hose on the rear of the machine also creates a lower centre of gravity.

The K4 Premium Full Control features a long life water cooled induction motor, reducing energy use, water wastage & increasing motor life through the advanced cooling.

Pack Size: Each Motor size: 1800 Watt Water Cooled Induction
Power: 230 Volt Cable Range: 5 Metre Mains Cable
Weight (kg): 13 Filtration: Inlet Water Filter Included
Solution Tank: 1 Ltr Plug & Clean Detergent Tank Colour: Yellow & Black
Water Flow Rate: 420 Litres Per Hour Max Water Temp: 40 Degrees Max Input
Pressure Bar: 130 Bar Hose Length: 6 Metre High Pressure Hose
Tools Inc: Full Control Handgun with LED DIsplay, Vario & Dirtblaster Lances Additional Equipment: Wash Brush, Foam Nozzle (0.3 Litre), Car Shampoo (500ml & Patio & Deck Cleaner (500ml)
Warranty: 6 Months Standard, Can Be Upgraded to 12 Months Depth (mm): 411
Height (mm): 584 Width (mm): 305
Condition: Refurbished   
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