Karcher SC3 EasyFix Refurbished Steam Cleaner (White)

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Karcher SC3 EasyFix Refurbished Steam Cleaner (White)
Whats in the box

  • Karcher SC3 EasyFix Refurbished Steam Cleaner (White)

  • 2 Metre Hose & Steam Flow Trigger Gun

  • EasyFix Floor Tool & Microfibre Cloth

  • Hand Tool & Cloth

  • Detail Nozzle & Black Brush

  • Extension Pipes x 2

  • Descaling Cartridge

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Karcher SC3 EasyFix Refurbished Steam Cleaner (White)
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Karcher SC3 EasyFix Refurbished Steam Cleaner (White)

The Karcher SC3 EasyFix is a 100% chemical-free tool which can take cleaning in your home to the next level. No scrubbing is necessary, creating outstanding results with each use. From the kitchen to the stairs, this allergy-friendly cleaning device has what it takes to make light work of the jobs which can take hours with any other cleaning equipment. Advanced dirt removal is made possible with the use of nothing but water – promising a fresh and clean home without the use of harsh chemicals. It doesn't matter whether you're undertaking one large spring clean or simply looking to maintain a high standard of cleanliness in your family home from week to week.

The SC3 EasyFix also benefits from the new EasyFix floor tool, ensuring easy handling & efficient cleaning of hard flooring without you coming into contact with the dirt & grime. The EasyFix floor tool features a hook & loop cloth connection system for high convenience & fast cloth attachment. The attachable microfibre cloth provides at least 20% better cleaning performance in comparison to standard terry cloths for excellent, effortless cleaning. The microfibre cloth is easily removable by stepping on the foot label meaning you do not come into direct contact with the collected dirt when removing it. The floor tool also features lamella technology, providing consistent moistening of the microfibre cloth for long lasting steam contact with the floor. The EasyFix floor tool also features a flexible joint for ergonomic cleaning. The joint allows a high level of manueverability & easy cleaning around obstacles as well as underneath furniture. The integrated return spring offers superb nozzle stabilisation & always returns the floor tool to its optimal horizontal working position for maximum floor contact.

How does it work? Steam combined with the bar pressure (psi) gets under the dirt and emulsifies grease allowing you to wipe away any residue soilage. The steam action also kills bacteria and therefore sanitising the surface.

To get the most out of a steamer it is all about clean the surface quickly and often rather than restorative cleaning, Stick to this and all cleaning tasks around the home will be a breeze. The Karcher SC3 will work on most surfaces including, floors, walls, chrome work including taps and showers, granite tops, upvc and plastic, windows, oven doors & hobs, as well as mattresses carpets and upholstery.

Floors - The steamer is ideal for use on ceramics, sealed laminates, sealed wood, carpets and quarry tiles. 

Walls - Great for both glazed and unglazed tiles, porcelain and most hard wall surfaces. With the small round brush you can also restore grout work with ease.

Granite - A steam cleaner combines all the action you require for the kitchen work tops, cleaning, degreasing and sanitising in one fast action. Use a microfibre cloth as you go for a final wipe down and your surfaces will sparkle.

Chrome - (taps and showers) Cleans and shines and with regular use keeps the scale under control. Also great for removing the residue soap and shampoo's that build up.

Windows -Add the optional window tool accessory to steam and squeegee in one fast action. Just use a microfibre cloth to detail the window afterwards for a complete professional result.

Oven Doors & Hobs - If you use the SC3 on a regular basis it will keep the dirt build up on oven doors under control. Grease & fat from foods builds up in layers & as such will need to be removed in layers. If you leave the grease for a long period the heat will carbonise the residue, this is very difficult to remove. The steamer is great on cooker tops and hobs. The turbo brush and brass brush is also very useful. The steamer is also very good in the difficult to reach areas.

Carpets - One of the most asked questions is 'can i steam clean my carpet?'. Steamers are good for a light surface clean, spot removal (including upholstery) and sanitising, as well as killing any bugs (this also includes mattresses). What they will not do is a deep restorative clean, however they keep a carpet in clean condition quite nicely, but as stated earlier it needs to be a quick clean on a regular basis.

Features and Benefits:

  • Powerful - 1900 Watt, 3.5 bar with 1Ltr tank for fast heat up
  • EasyFix - Hygienic, quick removal of cloths & spring loaded floor tool
  • Descaling Cartridge - No need to use descaling liquids
  • Safety - Child proof lock with heat safety valve
  • Multi-tasking - Cleans & Sanitises most surfaces
  • Flow-Control - Steam flow control on handle & lockable
  • Green - Chemical free cleaning
  • Cost-Effective - Regular use stops the need for harsh expensive chemicals
  • Park - Handy lance park between cleaning
  • Accessories - Wide range to cover those difficult time consuming jobs.

Hint & Tips:

Always have some microfibre cloths handy, they speed up the whole process, increase the cleaning result and deliver the streak free cleaning finish.

Have enough cloths (floor and hand) to change on a regular basis for optimum results (check out our steamer accessories section, for a selection of SC3 accessories)

If you use a Microfibre cloth you should not use detergent when machine washing them.

To keep the best results, descale your unit on a regular basis depending on the water hardness in your area.

In Summary -If you are looking to steam clean your mattresses, use the steam cleaner on upholstery or carpets then the Karcher SC3 is a great unit for most cleaning tasks in the average sized home if using for an hour per time, 2-3 times per week.

Lightweight, good cleaning sanitised results and very good for the environment eliminating harsh chemicals being introduced into the water course.

Pack Size: Each Motor size: 1900w
Power: 220-240 volts Capacity: 1 Litre Boiler
Cable Range: 5m Weight (kg): 3.5
Colour: Yellow & Black Pressure Bar: 3.5 bar
Hose Length: 2m Tools Inc: EasyFix Floor Tool & Cloth, Hand Tool & Cloth, Bristle Brush, 2 x Extension Poles & Detail Nozzle
Additional Equipment: Descaler Cartridge Warranty: 6 Months, Upgradeable to 12 Months
Model Number: 1.513-167.0 Depth (mm): 260
Height (mm): 380 Width (mm): 254
Condition: Refurbished   
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Best steam cleaner ever 2023-04-08 00:00:00
Ease of Use
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
Value for Money
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
  • Currently 5/5 Stars.
I have used Karcher steam cleaners for about 15 years and I wouldn’t be without one. This version is the best one yet - no waiting for it to depressurise or reheat, just refill and it’s ready to go, it’s so easy to use. Having the descaler is also a bonus. It cleans efficiently, removing any dirt and grime quickly, with an attachment for all possibilities. Nice to know that it’s killing bacteria without using chemicals and leaves your house smelling clean.

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